CANOPY GYRO ZOOMER Super CUB Motorcycle sales for the pizza delivery toward Corporation Inspection Maintenance Rental Lease


Service & Support

Reliable Service & Support

"Reliable and Soundness works at Department of Motor Vehicles certified factory. Actual 4,000 Annual number of repairs. (highly Technology and Experienced) Ordering original painting" Safety Soundness Speedy Top class service.

Service staffs to repair quickly, regardless of heat and cold condition. The number of repairs into five fingers in the country, we try to respond 3-S-prompt"Safety/Soundness/Speedy". Back up your most important motorcycles and safety.

The reason"Auto-salon OGIYAMA" is the blue-chip shop

Authorized new car dealer for wholesale Manufacturer direct Automobile Fair Trade Council Member, Used car dealership in Reliability and Safety
¢£Authorized distributor of all manufacturer.
¢ªThorough after-sale service for quality assurance and security theft !
¢£All Used-car on display is taken under any Trade-in and purchase.
¢ªNever buying used cars at any auction.
State-approved factory & 10 Certified mechanics
¢£Department of Motor Vehicles certified factory.
¢ª In addition to the largest exhibition in Tokyo, owning the largest motorcycle repair shop in Tokyo, this is "Auto-salon OGIYAMA" !
¢£Pride of resident mechanics.
¢ªProduct not approval by mechanics will not be sold in OGIYAMA.
3 Trucks & 2 Vans Quick response for Rescue Service
¢£The truck driver is the professional of lecker !
¢ªPlease be assured. Accidents, out of power, flat tire and anything is OK !
¢£Fact that comes request from other stores.
¢ªBe about to receive the rescue service request which shop is not available immediately for rescue.
Employee Awareness for Insurance  Pride and qualifications of Senior agency
¢£All employees are qualified auto insurance.
¢ªWe fully support, when the subscriber when the accident.
¢£Insurance office opened inside the shop.
¢ªProfessional of insurance consults every Sunday in the OGIYAMA Insurance Office.
Can shop Touch and Ride.
¢£Test drive vehicle is always available.
¢ªPopular models are hold for shop rides, and once a month at the shop rides are held in cooperation with manufacturers.
¢£In-store rental office opened.
¢ªFrom mid-term rental to long term rental, please contact anything.
Reliable and Acceptable Assessment of Trade-in and purchase Free travel assessment available !
¢£ Quality assessment with professional name of 5.
¢ªPlease be assured that even paperwork after the trade-in and the purchase taken.
¢£Doing free travel assessment by one call !
¢ªEngine immobility bike, accidental bike, apart bike and anything is OK.


Purchase of your motorcycle

The aim is satisfied with your purchase at "Auto-salon OGIYAMA".
Not using bike can not dispose of with busy, letting you please do it !
Simply contact us, we will ask you to purchase travel assessments.
(¢¨ excluding some areas), please also letting us take care of and scrapped the name change procedure.
First, please contact us.



For Business Customers

"Auto-salon OGIYAMA" is conducting business for Business customers. Site area of 1,000 square meters warehouse is to store lots of different of motorcycles. Can be shipped all over the country immediately. If you wish to purchase even such large amount of "Gyro Canopy", please feel free to tell us. We support your business with extensive experience

Strong point of our shop

Has handled a wide range of regular models, any models are available for your business scene.

  • ¢£HONDA PRO'S shop (HONDA motorcycle authorized dealers)
  • ¢£YAMAHA motorcycle authorized dealers, YAMAHA motorcycle authorized dealer for reimportation
  • ¢£SUZUKI motorcycle authorized dealers, SUZUKI motorcycle authorized dealer for reimportation
  • ¢£Other international models (SYM / KYMCO / PGO / NARIKAWA / etc.) authorized dealers

Site area of 1,000 square meters warehouse can store large amounts. We deliver with door to door all over the country.

Business Outline

Correct type of vehicle choice

¥¹¥¿¥Ã¥ÕProduce totally car selection, option chosen, insurance, registration, delivered services to meet the needs of our customers. If you think you want to cut costs and initial cost, please contact staff.

Maintenance and vehicle management

By our original vehicle management systems, vehicle management and maintenance will help you annoying after purchase.

  • Regular inspection tour ... Visiting once per two months (or three months), performs regular inspections. You can set the duration of the tour to suit your usage and mileage.
  • OGIYAMA Rescue Service ... Raising motorcycle and dispatch mechanic is free of many times a year.
  • Loaner car ... In case unavailable due to repairing your business use motorcycle, we offer a loaner car.
  • In 1990, provides motorcycles for training to Shinagawa driving school. In this opportunity, build a supply and support system in earnest.
  • Shinagawa driving school, The International driving school, a big family restaurant, The home care support centers, a big lift maintenance contractors, a large-size refrigerator and maintenance contractors and so on, many actual delivery.
  • Actual 300 units per month in performance for bulk of motorcycle purchasing.


  • For Individuals
  • For Business Customers
  • Export & Import Division

Auto-salon OGIYAMA 2-19-9, HigashiMagome, Ota-ward, Tokyo Closed Tuesday¡¡Opening Hours 10¡§00¡Á20¡§00¡¡Phone +81-3-3776-1537

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