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Export & Import Division

Since 1996, "Auto-salon OGIYAMA" has started an import / export business of motorcycles for Indonesia and Country economic partnership agreements like Singapore, Malaysia, etc.The display unit of motorcycles is the biggest class in Tokyo, and the warehouse is to store always 500 numbers of motorcycles. Keep conditioning for General Agreement on Trade like GAIT and IMF, Montreal Protocol, Basel Convention, and othe special conditions.On thorough management of Export and Import Trading Act, We do sound business.

Business Outline

Vehicle search agency services

Motorcycles in showrooms and warehouses by the largest in Tokyo are stocked always 500 numbers.
Any vehicles can be arranged quickly and accurately to meet customer needs.
In case not have in stock, and find your desired motorcycle with utilizing a national network.

Warehouse management

Keep vehicles and parts procurement, we will send the necessary conditions required to place the goods when needed.

International transport operations

Any four-wheeled motorcycle, with its transportation systems, provide safe, fast and low cost transportation.
We will coordinate all transportation modes for land, sea and air.

Packaging container filling operations

Utilizing the experience and knowledge, can be carried out in fast and low cost for difficult motorcycle packing operations.
Yards on the premises owned, we have also carried out at its packing container.

Customs clearance services

Preparation of customs from LC difficult to settlement, the agency will work all at once.



  • March 1996, founded the company for Big Bike rental shop and Tourism in Bali, Indonesia. Foothold in this body and to begin supplying motorcycle parts.
  • April 2006, opened a showroom in Jakarta and Bandung. Started selling motorcycles in earnest, often become a main export to Indonesia.
  • November 2009, began selling four-wheel drive at the showroom in Jakarta.
  • Currently, 250 motorcycles per year exports for Indonesia, also exports about 100 motorcycles for other countries.


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