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To run this site, we manage to esteem the customer's privacy and take care of individual information as well as protecting the information properly.

  • Auto-salon OGIYAMA observes the law concerning the protection of personal information and other standards and treat the individual information properly.
  • When we acquire individual information, the purpose of use is notified beforehand, and individual information is acquired by legal and a fair method.
  • We use customer's individual information as long as the minimum range of necessity to achieve the following purpose and manage the information strictly.
    a) When corresponding to be asked by the customer
    b) When we arrange the delivery of the products ordered from the customer
  • We keep accuracy and the latest of individual information, and manage it safely.
    In the meantime, we might ask for you to cooperate so that the individual information is not lost, falsified, and leaked security measures.
  • We understand that the customers have the right to request the indication, the correction, the suspension, and the deletion of the individual information and in that case, we respond promptly in a reasonable range based on the legislation.
  • If the purpose of use that provided by the regulations exceeds a reasonable range, we will contact the customer and obtaining the customer's agreement, then use the information.
  • We would provide the information if there is a request for disclosure of individual information from the organization such as the police and administration of justice that have legal force.

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